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Bid Day Gifting FAQs 2022

Arkansas Sorority Recruitment is here and we couldn’t be more excited. Joining a sorority is an exciting experience, an experience your student will never forget. We want you to be involved every step of the way!

We are excited to introduce you to the Rush Week Gifts and Bid Day Boxes this year for your students going through Panhellenic Recruitment at University of Arkansas. These gifts are the perfect way to make sure your daughter's Rush Week and Bid Day are extra special!

This year Presley Paige is an official sponsor of University of Arkansas Greek Life and Panhellenic Recruitment for 2022 and we have teamed up with PIGMINT Floral Studio to make the BEST BID DAY BOXES!

We have worked hard all year to make these boxes extra special. We can guarantee your student will love them!

Below you will find answers to all of the most common questions we receive. If you have any more questions please contact us at or give us a call at (479) 957-7378.

Here at Presley Paige we offers two gifting options for recruitment.

Rush Week Gifts: These are gifts pre-selected and delivered to the dorms each day during the week of rush. Each box consists of different non-greek items that we believe will brighten your daughter's day as she goes through recruitment and gets adjusted to life in Fayetteville! We have broken it down to where you can buy certain days or the whole week for a discounted rate. We believe these gifts will be a great way to tell your girl good luck along the way.

Bid Day Boxes: These boxes are delivered on Bid Day to the sorority house the student pledges. Each box consists of Greek items for her new sorority and most options include flowers from PIGMINT Floral Studio. We are an official sponsor of recruitment this year and her box will be at the house the morning she gets her bid.

Bid Day Gift Questions

What is a Bid Day Box and what is included?

We can assure you this will be the most exciting gift ever! Bid Day Boxes are the best way to show you student how excited you for her to be starting the next chapter of her life. We have several bid day box options ranging in price from $85-$350. All of the items in the boxes are exclusive and will not be sold in our store front. The boxes will be delivered to her sorority house the morning of Bid Day. We hope these boxes will take the stress off of you and let you celebrate your student at her new home!

How will my student know they have a gift being delivered?

No need to stress! We ask that you notify her that she will need to pick up this gift at her sorority house the day of Bid Day. We will send her a text as well, but recommend she look for it right away that morning!

When will the Bid Day gift be delivered?

Your Bid Day gift will be delivered to the houses the morning of Bid Day. We will be delivering all morning so it will be there before she arrives on Bid Day!

When do I need to order the Bid Day Box?

Earlier is always better! Ordering early will ensure that your girl will receive a Bid Day Box. The pre-ordered boxes will be our first priority and will be filled first. Our whole goal is to make your girl have the best bid day ever!

How do I let you know which sorority to have the box delivered to?

Presley Paige is an official sponsor of University of Arkansas Greek Life and Panhellenic Recruitment for 2022, so we will receive the official bid list first thing on Bid Day morning. We will then deliver her box to her new sorority house!

What if my student can’t find her gift?

All gifts will be delivered early that morning and we will be have video/photo at every sorority showing all gifts were delivered. We understand that day will be busy but please make sure she looks everywhere before you give us a call.

What if my student needs to exchange a Bid Day gift item?

We are not doing apparel this year so all sales are final on our Bid Day Boxes.

What if my student does not receive a bid or doesn't accept a bid?

This is no problem at all! Give us a call and we can make her a non sorority related box or issue a refund!

When will I be charged?

You will be charged at time of purchase online.

Can I call the morning of bid day to see which sorority my student got into?

Unfortunately, no. We are not allowed to disclose this information and we want it to be a surprise for everyone!