Budget Finance Planner

Budget Finance Planner

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Never feel financially lost again with Budget Finance Planner! This handy tool can help you keep your budget in check, so you know exactly where your money is going. No more confusing spreadsheets or guesswork; this easy-to-use planner can help you stay on top of your finances, allowing you to live the life you want – without breaking the bank.

Reinvest in yourself. Gain clarity and control over your budget with our finance planner. Inside, find helpful articles from money expert Elle Harikleia and a year’s worth of undated pages to help you plan, record and reflect. Make use of monthly tracking tools, six-month and one-year reviews and space to budget for special occasions – from vacations to birthdays. Comes with a ribbon marker and colored pages in calming green ink. Pages are undated.

Fill out the dates yourself and start using any time of the year. What's Inside - Four Money Mentor articles from Kalpana Fitzpatrick - Yearly review for last year - Money Clarity pages to set financial goals for the next 12 months - Savings and debt reviews - Overall monthly budget to break down your spending - 12 monthly budget and tracking pages - Six-month review - End of year review - Space to plan budgets for six occasions

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