Eyes Needlepoint Throw Pillow

Eyes Needlepoint Throw Pillow

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Come give your space a little love and a lot of pizzazz with this Eyes Needlepoint Throw Pillow! It's the perfect way to show your style and give your sofa a bold and beautiful pop. Not to mention, it'll have your visitors giving you double-takes thanks to its unique, eye-catching design. So if you're looking to add a finicky touch to your interior decor, our Eyes Needlepoint Throw Pillow is what you need!

A marriage of traditional and Mod style, our Needlepoint Pillows are the perfect punctuation for your pillowscape. Each pillow is embroidered by hand and backed in luxe velvet. Forget the fusty needlepoint of yore and embrace our sharp, chic world.

12" L, 9" W

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