Flower Elegant Cocktail Coupes

Flower Elegant Cocktail Coupes

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Sip in style with these Flower Elegant Cocktail Coupes! Sure to be the perfect bloom to any get-together, these coupes will give your guests something to gush over! Their classic shape and elegant design offers a timeless look that's sure to bring the party to life. Ready to take your toast to the next level? Check out these Flower Elegant Cocktail Coupes!

Perfect for your next brunch or dinner party, this glassware set features a gorgeous pink floral design that perfectly complements any event. Each glass measures 5" in height, and 4" in diameter, and has a capacity of 7 ounces.

These elegant and colorful champagne coupes are sure to be the perfect accessory to your next birthday celebration, engagement party and more. The set includes four champagne glass coupes that will provide the right amount of character and elegance to any drink! Bring the party to life! 

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