Win At Life Journal

Win At Life Journal

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✓ Boost your mood and stay positive

✓ Plan your life around things that truly matter

✓ Discover a happier you!

The Win At Life journal encourages you to record and reflect upon your most joyful moments throughout your day, make a note of all important aspects of your life and create daily happiness habits.

HOW TO USE Start every spread with the date and how you’re feeling. Write out your intentions and goals for the day and stay mindful of how much time you're spending outside. The purpose of this planner is to help you set intentions and follow through with them, to create a happier, healthier you. At the end of the day, use the right hand side of the page to reflect, write out your thoughts about the day, the things you've learned, grade your intentions and whether you hit them and learn to build a more positive day.

WHAT'S INSIDE? 144 daily undated spreads Journal pages to set intentions and goals, grade your day, and reflect Guide to your emotions and moods at the back of the journal with suggest

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