21st Birthday Essentials

Hello 21! 🥳

Your 21st is one of the most exciting birthdays to celebrate. We are here to help you welcome the new year with open arms. Whether you're celebrating by having brunch and mimosas with the girls or going out for some fine dining and dancing,  we have all the essentials that you need to help make this one of the most memorable birthdays yet! 


We know there's one thing for sure. The Birthday Girl is the STAR! So getting ready for a full day of celebration is part of the process. Once you have your nails done, hair done, and the outfit of your dreams on, top it all off with a birthday sash and crown!


Adding accessories never hurt anyone! Especially if it encourages people to buy you drinks at the bar! 


Trust me, we didn't forget about presents. Add these fun items to your birthday wishlist!


Heart Infinite Mirror


Tipsy Leopard & Pop Bottles Tea Towel


Boot Scoot Small Tray

We love helping you kick off your 21st in the best possible way! Share the fun and tag us on Instagram! 💓


Presley Paige