Maggie's Current Crushes


There is something so magical about spring and the resurgence of color and sunshine. With lots of new and bright colors in-store, here is a list of my 20 current crushes in-store and online! Enjoy and let me know which one is your favorite.

Big Love,

Maggie Paige 


1. Colorful Tumbling Tower

2. Smiley Face Greeting Card

3. Checkered Water Bottle

4. What Would Dolly Do?

5. Rainbow Tassel Pillow

6. Face Masks Pearl + Collagen

7. Stoney Clover Patches (available for purchase in-store or by phone/text)

8. Pink Dog Statue

9. Be Well Little Words Project Bracelet

10. Wild Gorgeous Candle

11. Today Planner

12. Glitter Sunglass Holder

13. Octopus Stuffed Animal

14. Bottle Opener Keychain

15. Marble Cloth Dinner Napkin Set

17. Arrows Up Pillow 

18. Five Minute Journal 

19. Fringe Tinsel Garland in Pink & Gold 

20. Country Music Star Coasters