Barbie Book

Barbie Book

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Discover sixty-five years of Barbie in a book dedicated to the fascinating

history of the world’s most popular doll. Created by Ruth Handler, a game-
changing feminist visionary, Barbie defied the conventions of the 1950s,

establishing a role for women other than a wife and mother. Decade by
decade, the book comprehensively explores the Barbie doll’s evolution
from 1959 to today—and the continuing advancement of women—with
fascinating facts, insights and never-before-seen imagery. From Marilyn
Monroe to Margot Robbie, fashion designers to first responders, Barbie is
the essential primer of an American phenomenon. The “it” gift of the
season for boundary breakers, enterprising kids, longtime collectors and
fans of the blockbuster movie, this title is the perfect pink accessory for
playrooms, coffee tables and bookshelves in need of an international icon.

Classics collection | 10 x 13 in — 24 x 32 cm | Silk Hardcover

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