Wood Slingshot with 12 Felt Balls: Brights Assortment

Wood Slingshot with 12 Felt Balls: Brights Assortment

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Hello Maypole Brand Slingshots and Felt Balls are family and party favorites. They are perfect for kids and parties. Paint the wooden slingshot as a party or family craft and mix and match colors to create teams or match your party color theme. You can even shoot the balls for cats to chase and play. These beautiful 100 % wool felt balls are handmade in Nepal. Adults love these toys as well; tease your partner by shooting them while they cook or surprise them while they fold laundry. Nothing says 'I love you' like being pelted with a felt ball. Wood Slingshot: Comfortable to hold; sturdy to launch felt balls at targets or at opponents. Cats love to chase the balls too.

Color Options: Mix and match to play individually, create teams with unified colors, or go wild with rainbow of colors. 10 Soft, Hello Maypole, Felt Balls Included: High quality 100% wool, measures 2cm (0.8”). Handmade in Nepal. Party Games and Favors: Girls and boys alike love to paint the slingshot, play games and

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